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   Beijing GTX Microalgae Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. located in Beijing, China, is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in soil improvement and agricultural ecological industry.

    From the British Industrial Revolution in the 18th century to the present 200 years, the global population has increased from 1 billion to 7 billion, the ecosystem continues to deteriorate, and species have accelerated extinction. Carbon emissions have led to carbon dioxide content in the Earth's atmosphere reaching 4.5 per 10,000, the highest level in two million years. Global warming has led to frequent extreme weather disasters. At the same time, our agriculture is still highly dependent on the input of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which brings non-point source pollution while facing the pressure of food safety and ecological safety.

     "Green water and green hills are also Jinshan and Yinshan!" In response to General Secretary Xi Jinping's call, the company combines traditional farming ideas with modern biotechnology, advocates the agricultural reform of no-tillage, soil-covering crops and irregular rotation, and integrates the traditional Chinese culture of "harmony between man and nature" with biotechnology to love, protect and govern the soil, so as to devote itself to leaving a healthy place for future generations. The fertile land!

    With soil improvement as its core business, the company has developed several business departments, including soil health data, agricultural science and technology services, agricultural products ecological platform construction, agricultural innovation investment fund and agricultural industry alliance, to build ecological agriculture, precision agriculture and intelligent agriculture in the 5G era.

       The company will set up a technology R&D system in the first place, gather Israeli soil experts and Hebei University doctor of biology to set up a joint laboratory, and establish a composite research team of returnee researchers from the United States, Israel, Canada and senior scholars from top universities in China to interpret the soil from a multi-dimensional and full perspective. Innovating the concept of soil to build intelligent agriculture in the digital age.

     The people under heaven who take measures are called undertakings. To create a business, we need a first-class elite team, which seeks talents from all over the world with a broad mind, attracts talents from different fields, and contributes to soil improvement.

The founding team of the company comes from elites in different fields. For the sake of common mission, the company is always committed to bringing together all the way to open up the mountains and forests.

———— For the sake of life, cultivate the world————






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Cyanobacteria, the original life of the earth, was born 3.8 billion years ago. It contains chlorophyll and continuously releases oxygen, creating today's blue planet.
Green algae, eukaryote, was born 1.8 billion years ago. It contains chloroplast, photosynthetic oxygen, and cyanobacteria. It is also called pioneer organism.
In the long evolution of life on earth, cyanobacterial cells and green algae cells create a livable biological environment through photosynthesis, oxygen release and sustained nitrogen fixation, which is known as the engine of life.




Join us for agricultural development, food security, The healthy growth of the next generation, the harmony between man and nature to contribute!


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